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Learn how to love now

If a men empty his purse into his head, no men can take that away from him.the investment in KNOWLEGE always paid the best intrest..for me, I strongly agree on this and I wanna add in one more investmentwhich to me i feels that is really worth investing is HEALTH...U agree with me dont u??..Simply because i lost 3 of my dearly love one just because they fought a battle with cancer and liver failure ..they lost the battle .U know the price of it, they will be gone forever.Had you ever say the one I love most is my parents/ or The one i love most is my wife/my husband, for parents of course their love ones are their children. Yet had u even think of one day just because of sickness u lose will u feel, see them suffering while they are moaning in pain becos of cancer due to chemo, being amputed limbs becos of diabetes,inner bleeding because of viral infection for exp. HEP B liver failure...Are u waiting till all this things happen to ur love one , then wat u can do is to just pray for them and blame the whole world .NO!! Everone has a dream , for some of the parents their dreams is to see their son/ daughter to live well, to have the best/bring them oversea/ being graduate from UNIVERSITY/ being independent to be able to contribute to the soceity/ getting married/ to start a family/to be healthy /for some their very simple one dream is to be with their children by their side....Yet somethings becos of sickness they lost one another...their dreams which they have wouldnt be there anymore....HAving the right knowlege, to gain the wisdom, to chose the best for ur love one .Will be the best present u going to give them this year 2008 CHRISTMAS Season....LEARN TO LOVE THEM......What i can do for u is to give u all this CHERISH,CONCERN ,LOVE,SHAREWhat u can do for me is to give me this TRUST & CHOICE......LOVE ;XINYI

Friday, September 12, 2008

Self development

As for me, I dont really get in touch into self development untill the age of 25.
To me , to develop myself is to attend courses, to get the knowlege and thats all using the cert from the course to get a better job, thats all.

And I really HATE study, and I don read books, I only read magazines. For years many many years, i don read book espacially story books,book that provided me knowlege.
Untill year 2008 , my cousin jacklyn ask me to get this book TUESDAY WITH MORRIEs -mitch albom. GREAT!!! You know what , I took almost 1week to read finish the book, and guess what I am proud of myelf cos i donT even touch story book and its the first story book since so many years of not reading /or i Can say i choice not to read,yet i finish reading the story and i read twice,three times. Since than I go to MPH/Kino to get great books and I force myself to read at least once per week. Its a habit that I want to have .Its hard in the beginning but what really keeps me goes on and not give up is THE LIFE I WAN TO HAVE -a gal who live day by day aimlessly. Cos I believe everyone should have a dream/goal.....
Maybe to some of you, its nothing you can even read three books a day.Really as for someone like me don even give myself a chance to read something which will enriched my life, i really regret that i bascially wasting my time on things which dont do me good yet i dont even gain from it.

Since then i start to make my life more enriching I attended courses like POE, and even found a website that I fallen in love to it.


Its a website that open my mind up, and I can improve my life thru it.

Since than, I start to LEARN how much I donT know in my life and the range of training programms which save me tonns of money$$$$.


Dont ask for life to be easy, ask for life to be worth it.

Failure cost a Millions but Success cost Pennies
You can pay the price of success or you can pay the price of failure, the choice is yours.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fate to be friends


The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

THE Universe is governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations are multiform,
but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We are familiar with some of its
manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certain others. Still we are
learning a little more every day - the veil is being gradually lifted.
We speak learnedly of the Law of Gravitation, but ignore that equally wonderful
manifestation, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN THE THOUGHT WORLD. We are familiar
with that wonderful manifestation of Law which draws and holds together the
atoms of which matter is composed - we recognize the power of the law that
attracts bodies to the earth, that holds the circling worlds in their places, but we
close our eyes to the mighty law that draws to us the things we desire or fear, that
makes or mars our lives.
When we come to see that Thought is a force - a manifestation of energy - having
a magnet-like power of attraction, we will begin to understand the why and
wherefore of many things that have heretofore seemed dark to us. There is no
study that will so well repay the student for his time and trouble as the study of the
workings of this mighty law of the world of Thought - the Law of Attraction.


I do believe in this strongly................

In Life, we will meet lots of people friends<>

For me , yes in this world ,we do meet lots of people all day long , and to make a friends its quite easy as for me. How to start making this stranger, to talk to u or even got him/her attention, by


But how to really goes on to a friendship / buddy it takes time, effort and fate.

Do u agree on this???

As for me , to have a friend to accompany u thru out ur life ,ups and downs needs effort and time .

To really get to understand and know each other takes time,to have the same fequancy also makes it work well.
Like for my Chung Cheng High School Friends

They are my 5 A class..yr 2000... Most Fav Class in my secondary school life.

20 Charming Guys, 3 Beautiful ChEErs!!!

and also Peishi (my shopping kaki)

Like for my Lasalle SIA sch mates...

They are

Cynthia (the pretty one who everytime goes hungry...ooopps),

Yenling (like big sister and I give her full respect and everytime with her big bag ),

Diana (a very trendy lady who works and play hard)

Jieru ( she is the one who always full of ideas,fun and funni jokes)

Iri (ha this one SHOPPING QUEEN!! always shop till broke)

Jean(this one ar far away from spore, she is at malaysia but our heart stays as close as before)

....This are the few pretty babe really make their efforts and their precious time to make sure that we meet up at least once a few month . Keep update each others hows their life ,work, health and love life etc....Everything under the sun/moon/stars.

PS: Gals thank u so much making time for this friendship,I am glad and happy, feeling so fortunate to have u all as my sisters...........MuCkS!!!

Wish all my friends Good Health and Wonderful Life ahead..

LOTS OF LUV ..........xinyi

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


11 aug 1983 ,Time 0x:0x

Name of the baby: Chen Xinyi

Hospital: Thompson Hospital Singapore

Born in Singapore , This child is not a citizen of singapore at the time of birth

Doc: This baby having Jaundice need being kept in the box (incubator) for some medical attention and need blood transfusion immdetaly!!!!

U can hear babies crying, parents giggling, and god smiling. ... .. ... ... . . .

This is the day I came to this world bringing joy to my family members( dad mom grandma aunties uncles cousins etc....)

LoVe : U

This is the day U make ur parents dream come true......
Ur Birthday is the day u bring joy to ur parents....